Scent of Seductive Flesh

Publisher / Developer: ELF


  • Change System Locale to Japanese.
  • Install the base game. You can purchase the game or sail the high seas. :)
  • Extract the patch and copy the contents to the installed folder.
  • Open AI6WIN.exe to play the game.




Can't open the game due to GetProcAddress error

GerProcAddress thumbnail

Delete d3d9.dll in the game folder and try opening the game again. This proxy DLL is for translating the UI caption in Inspection mode, so deleting this DLL will leave that part untranslated. However, this UI caption hardly matters so you don't really need it. More information about this UI caption can be found below.

Can't open the game due to missing registry entries

Registry error thumbnail

If you sail the high seas and use a version that doesn't require you to install the game, there's a chance you will miss some registry entries that are supposed to be set during the installation phase. This will result in you getting the error above. To fix this, open Registry Editor and make sure the entries below are set at this path:


Registry entries thumbnail

Long text is covered by Quick Action buttons

Sometimes, the text can be quite long and will be wrapped up to 4 lines. In order to ensure you can read the whole text, you should collapse Quick Action buttons by clicking on the rightmost System button.

Uncollasped thumbnailCollasped thumbnail

Untranslated caption in Inspection Mode

This has been fixed in the latest patch by adding a proxy DLL (Thanks @Cosetto!). If you want to have the UI caption translated, please download the latest patch and override the contents to your game folder. However, there's a chance this proxy DLL won't let you open the game (see the GetProcAddress error section above). If that happens, you need to delete the proxy DLL d3d9.dll, which in turn will remove the translation patch for the UI caption.

During Inspection Mode, whenever you hover over a spot, there is a caption describing the action Takuya will perform if you click on that spot.

Inspection thumbnail

I couldn't find a way to patch this caption. However, this caption absolutely does NOT matter since:

  • There are ONLY 4 variations of this caption and it will be Observe / Examine for 99% of the time.
  • The cursor icon will also change depending on the hovered spot, so the caption is not necessary.

That said, if you are still curious, below are the translations for all variations of this caption:

Icon look見る・調べるObserve / Examine
Icon knock殴る・叩くHit / Knock
Icon moveさわるTouch
-アイコンで画面をクリックしてくださいPlease click on a spot in the screen (This happens when you move the mouse cursor out of the game window)

Unable to input a name for the save

The game allows you to OPTIONALLY input a name for each save. However, it will only accept Japanese characters so you will need to use a Japanese IME. In my opinion, this feature is useless and can just be ignored.

Save thumbnail

Unable to load a save from the main menu

This is an existing issue in the game instead of the patch. This only happens when you create the save at some very specific lines in the game, so it's extremely likely you will NEVER face this issue. However, on the rare chance that this happens, you can just load another save first and then load the problematic save from the in-game menu instead of the main menu.

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